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About Healthy Steps

Keeping feet forever young

At Healthy Steps Podiatry we are a dedicated team of Podiatry professionals who pride ourselves in providing only the very best care for the health of your feet. We have a high success rate in the treatment of even the most problematic of feet and satisfied patients who refer friends and family and who regularly return for maintenance and follow-up treatments.

Established over 12 years ago, our team of 12 Podiatrists are all New Zealand Podiatry Board registered. Healthy Steps Podiatry currently operate across 13 Auckland clinics, 3 clinics in the Hawke's Bay and one in Gisborne. We are committed to ongoing professional development of our Podiatrist thus ensuring our patients that they are receiving the very best possible care for their feet.

Young feet, old feet, sports feet, sore feet – whatever your foot complaint may be, Healthy Steps Podiatry can help you!

We treat a large number of children, ranging from toddlers to teens. Those of us who are parents understand how important it is to get the right treatment for our children’s feet at an early stage.

Whether you feel there may be a specific problem that needs attention, or you are just seeking some friendly advice regarding your child’s developmental milestones, contact us today.

The team at here are all actively involved in sporting activities, and we know how important it is for sportsmen to have healthy feet and how devastating sporting injuries can be.

Because of this we approach our sporting patients with understanding and empathy, and we work alongside them to draw up a treatment and rehabilitation plan that will get them back onto the sport field as soon as possible!

Whether you are young, old, or just enjoy life’s gentler sporting pursuits, our goal is to get you back on your feet, and to keep you there, educating you on how best to prevent the injuries or problems from recurring.

We offer a broad range of services, like our on-site retirement village and work place foot clinics. We also work closely with pharmacists, GPs, nurses, and physiotherapists, treating a wide variety of foot complaints, from fungal infections, blistering, sports injuries and foot pain, to arthritis and problems associated with diabetes. We also offer expert treatment and advice for common foot conditions such as bunions, hammer toes, foot gout and heel pain.